Department of Computer Science & Engineering


Global Excellence and Local Applicability in multidisciplinary research, teaching, and technology development is the vision of the Department.


The mission of the department is to persistently trying for accomplishing excellence in computing disciplines. It is being followed through its variety of academic programs

The Glocal Department of Computer Science educates future computer application engineers and computer scientists.

The courses at this school are designed with special emphasis on a systems approach, algorithmic thinking and a knack to find the best and fastest fit for an application. As programs and applications become more user-friendly, it is the exceptions that are taught and also how to use little-known features. The science of computing is addressed with a heavy emphasis on the science part.

The school offers B. Tech. courses. Computer specialists, in our opinion, need a greater exposure to the humanities and to other subjects like economics, accounting, astronomy, psychology, etc., where the use of computers and applications are growing at a fast rate and an appreciation of these areas is needed by the computer specialist. Also, programing and software are areas of intense mental activity and concentration and also a demand on creativity which is better developed by ‘soft’ thinking subjects like music, philosophy, world literature, etc. These help promote ‘lateral’ and out-of-the-box thinking so important to one engaged in making computation and computers work for society and the individual.