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B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering


Bringing Computations to live through innovative minds of the future

In world of computer science, a great change has occurred in last decade through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This leads to a transformation from traditional world to an automated world.

Our basic agenda is to bring automated world without losing traditional world. This is done through a combined effort of the best minds that focus on quality teaching and practical cognizance.

Admission Criteria

Examination Pathway admissions through GAT :

  • Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)
  • Minimum 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level (12th)

New Courses/subjects Introduced

S.No. Name Description
1 Python Includes all basic and data manipulation topics and tasks that would be very beneficial for todays industrial growth
2 R Introduction of statistics-based language so that students can play with huge data and can able to various calculation through code in seconds for better development and research
3 Big Data Introduction of Big data for this big data era which includes the reasons, pro cons as well as nosql importance
4 AI It includes all important algorithm with a brief introduction of AI history. It also covers machine learning, pattern recognition and image processing.