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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)



As with the rest of the undergraduate programs in Glocal, our BCA program is also a three years curriculum, which is the starting point of its distinctive nature from anywhere else in the country. We approach the principle of BCA right from its origin where it was born: its industry liaison. However, we also understand that for any appropriate dialog and understanding to begin there is a strong need for foundation, where we spend our efforts in the very first year. We also inculcate in the first year, the seed of hands-on education through compulsory lab work. This foundation level courses of the first year allows for the general Glocal philosophy of having the students really decide their future after the first year. The rest of the three years in BCA would then be utilized appropriately in coherence with our placement and outreach office for the utmost effective industry-savvy curriculum that is in tune with the present industry demands across the globe. One of the strategic capabilities that our program promises to impart to our students are the specific aspects of the Information Technology (IT), which can never be outsourced irrespective of all the immense effort of the global industry players. This focus on the specific skillset guarantees that our students continue to remain in high demand in the IT arena.

The outcomes of this program:

Our students from this program would have a strong background in mathematics and computing concepts, programming logic, data structures, database etc. This would enable them to be an efficient problem solver who would implement an appropriate solution through the design of a computer-based system, process, component, or programs. They would also have the capability to assess the quality of such a solution or implementation. Our students would be trained to work collaboratively to develop and deliver IT solutions. They would have honed in the latest techniques and tools in the development, deployment, and evaluation of IT solutions. Because of their consistent exposure to industry throughout the program, they would be also be able to apply current elaborate technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies and communicate and convey effectively, in oral and written form, with IT stakeholders. Given the projects that they would be doing as a part of the curriculum and the summer programs, they would be able to design and develop a project plan based on appropriate systems development methods and project management practice. They would have the training to integrate user needs in the selection, creation, evaluation, and administration of computer-based systems. In fact, they would be able to combine technologies, products, and services from multiple sources into the user environment. Our graduates would participate in professional development based on recognition of its true need and value. With our holistic teaching training schemes, we also our graduates to apply “ethical” standards in IT development, deployment, and evaluation processes and demonstrate a deeper understanding of security, legal, professional, as well as social issues and responsibilities. While suggesting solutions, they would analyze the impact of IT solutions on individuals, organizations, and global society with realistic ground level assessment.

Admission Criteria

Examination Pathway admissions through GAT :

  • Minimum 50% marks in any discipline with English and Maths as subjects, at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)