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Mr. Mohammad Yasir

  • Mr. Mohammad Yasir

    M.Tech (Wireless mobile communication) Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun
    Assistant Professor (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering)





    M.Tech. (Wireless Mobile Communication )


    Uttarakhand technical university (Electronics And Communication )


    Uttarakhand technical university

    Analog electronics, Analog communication, Digital communication, Data communication network, Satellite communication, HFSS, IE3D, MATLAB.

    Research Area :
    1. Role of radio frequency identification device in the agriculture.
    RESEARCH DESCRIPTION : In my dissertation research I am working on the role of radio frequency identification device in the agriculture and that can improve the agriculture system. I also work in the moisture of the soil. In addition to my dissertation research, I am working of the other factor of the soil which is helpful for agriculture. Like soil minerals and atmospheric air contains elements. These are just a couple of projects I plan to continue and grow with the support of my research.
    2. Designing of a micro strip antenna for wireless satellite applications.
    RESEARCH DESCRIPTION : This dissertation presents designing and analysis of a micro-strip patch antenna for various applications like satellite and wireless communication. The operating frequency of antenna is 6.0 GHz .The antenna is slotted according to the requirement to enhance bandwidth and to get low profile configuration. The rectangular patch antenna is designed with RT droid material. The feeding technique used is probe feeding The aim of the dissertation is to design rectangular Micro-strip Patch Antenna for wi-max application which operates under S-band.The electromagnetic simulation of the proposed antenna has been carried out using IE3D software which work on principle of Method of Moment. Return loss, VSWR, antenna efficiency and radiation pattern can be evaluated for given design using IE3D/ HFSS.

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    Ref. No.: IJAIR/15/04/01/32
    Published in IJAIR: Volume 4, Issue 01 January 2015
    (PID Tuning Rules for First Order plus Time Delay System) by Md Yasir