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Vision & Mission

Glocal School of Science & Technology is highly oriented towards research and Innovation. We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations between different departments of science and technology as well as with industries.

Our Vision:

To produce world class graduates who are creative, confident, socially responsible and globally employable.

Our Mission:

  • To provide quality education based on international curriculum.
  • To provide education with a focus on multidisciplinary skills, hands on practical training and team spirit, and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To attract best quality faculty to facilitate knowledge and develop confidence in our graduates to succeed in the world.
  • To provide healthy and safe environment for staff and students.


  • Graduates of technology school will be lifelong learners and capacity to solve complex problems using new ideas, technology and knowledge.
  • They will be competent and employable globally.
  • They will be ethical and honest with good project management and possess ability to work in teams.
  • They will be having strong communication and interpersonal skills, and would be confident with leadership qualities which are very essential in modern times.
  • The school of technology will prepare graduates to be responsible and sensitive to the needs of environment and society.